Globalization How Is International Business Affected

Have you considered where your telephone or computer came out of? Each individual part of the system takes work in assembly and production. There are lots of products which are made domestically, but the huge number of companies moving their goods to be produced in different countries is growing daily as a Specifically, companies like Apple can produce their telephones, computers, and tablets from overseas nations for less money than needed to produce them domestically in America.

New technology in companies like Apple has allowed globalization to lead to a negative impact on international business through factors like location, consumers and competing organizations. Yes, global factories may produce parts inexpensively, but at what cost to international business? The customer is the main reason that businesses become successful. Without the customer, companies are wasting valuable resources and funds to create products or services which aren’t purchased.

People around the globe have become so mesmerized with Apple products they spend outrageous amounts of money on them. The expense of the products does not change regardless of the country it’s being sold in. But if the consumer can’t afford the item, they can’t buy the product. This is particularly true for those living in America if businesses like Apple, among others, are moving their jobs abroad. This causes poor wages for the employees and the inability to get goods, in turn.

Thus, expanding the technology globally through globalization has a negative influence on the business throughout the volume of purchases by consumers. The desire for increased return on investment has enticed more businesses to consider or commit to expanding these jobs internationally through globalization. Potential new businesses in the united states aren’t looking into manufacturing or producing new goods domestically because they fear that they won’t have the ability to compete with global As a result, this could be too much expansion happening too fast to get new business, and it may backfire greatly on their gains.

The deficiency of opportunity to make domestically has also lowered the number of jobs and taken away funds from the market in various ways. By not producing the physical solution, but still absorbing it in America, the market remains basically receiving the taxes from the sale or creation of the good. However, the market is missing out on income taxes collected from mill workers, in addition to the money that those very same employees are spending to stimulate our economy This means that there’ll be less money spent by customers on goods that companies like Apple produce.

On the other hand, globalization in technology has adverse effects globally, too. This profits into affecting business on a worldwide scale. As stated previously, companies receive pennies on the dollar for the goods they produce, which leads to poor working conditions and salaries for individuals employed in these tasks. Poor wages for employees is directly connected to the inability to purchase non-essential things like iPads, MacBooks or iPhones. So, by using globalization, Apple is limiting the number of products that they’ll sell.

Continuing this thought, it’s well-known an alarming number of mill workers for Apple have committed suicide because of exhaustion in their own situations. A negative stigma and standing could be correlated with Apple for the reasons behind this, inducing additional units not to be bought. This would be thanks to the first effects of globalization and illustrates just how complex the issues brought on by globalization can be.

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