How Will Mobile Web Affect Your Business?

It is no secret that Google’s forecast of the cellular web leading the charge as soon as 2013 seems to be right on the money as we continue to observe I remember hearing (or reading) about a time when the Internet was new and lots of businesses did not think it made sense to take part. The offline world was king then and many simply wouldn’t find the downfall to come.

Now, if your business has no website people must wonder about your professionalism and/or fiscal standing. It’s simply not appropriate for any business to never have some sort of website. With this gigantic shift we are watching unfold before our very eyes, will the mobile web bring with this identical archaic thinking and aversion to change? Surprisingly enough, it would appear to be true as many businesses today haven’t yet taken that essential step of moving mobile with their website!

Rather, responses like”mine look better than many I have seen” would be the usual words of business owners that are once more reluctant to accept the fact that change So, why this unwillingness to change and adapt to what is obviously the direction our planet is moving in? I think lack of knowledge, fear, price and even plain old ignorance all play their part in the mindset so many businesses hold toward altering technology.

Rather, however, business owners must examine the possible reduction in revenue that will probably be viewed by many who are slow to make this change. Truth be told, consumers are now portable and any business owner who’s up to speed with this shift will maintain a powerful lead over the competition! With this gigantic shift in business & technology comes an opportunity for new businesses to emerge too. Mobile is upon us, yet so many aren’t ready which opens the door for new businesses ready to provide that support and help so desperately needed by business owners now whether they are conscious of it or not! Like the Internet, the mobile web is here to stay so the question remains, “who’ll benefit from this shift?

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